Creating a Custom Data Mapper for Symfony2 Forms

Symfony 2 has an amazing Form Component, however it is very complex and most users will have a hard time understanding the component. In the future I suspect that there will be more data mappers that you can use along with an easier way to configure these by creating a service and telling the configuration files to use your data mapper or even a different one.

Using Phing and PHPUnit with Symfony2

So recently I have been playing a lot with phing, symfony2, and Jenkins. Today I will show you how to build a very basic build script that runs phpunit. Future articles I will show you how to add to your build script to generate documentation and eventually integrate it all into Jenkins.

Vagrant, Puppet, and Symfony2 - The Three Musketeers

So I have been playing with Vagrant, Puppet, and Symfony for about the past month or so. There have been a few issues that I have run into, but it has mostly been a joy to work with.

5 Causes of Failure

Work Productivity

I’ve read a few articles that go into detail about setting up your computer and being productive at work, however I feel most of those are half ass attempts and really don’t give much detail. For that reason I’m going to take a shot at this and explain how I have my setup and why I think mine is better than yours.