Ally Commerce

Platform Engineer • 11/2015 — Present

Ally Commerce is an end-to-end eCommerce solution focused on manufactures. They provide Customer Support, Refurbishments, Returns, Fulfillment, and more using a turn key solution.

  • Implemented a git based workflow within the technology department
  • Architected and maintained infrastructure on AWS used to host Magento eCommerce stores
  • Used tools like Terraform and Chef to automate creating and configuring AWS resources
  • Implemented tools used to monitor eCommerce store and server logs
  • Built custom Magento extensions to support client needs
  • Worked with other departments to set expectations and plan improvements
  • Worked closely with account management to help set client expectations
  • Identified and played large role in hiring tech talent
  • Implemented Scrum/Agile practices within the organization by working with other departments to fit business needs
  • Created a delivery pipeline used for automated deployments into a production environment
  • Improved engineering processes by implementing git repositories
  • Communicated with 3rd parties to plan and prioritize features and functionality

Pardot / Salesforce

Software Engineer • 02/2015 — 11/2015

Pardot’s platform features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, social posting, and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability.


Software Engineer • 06/2014 — 12/2014

Bitcoin payments, deposited to your bank account. Offer your customers the world's fastest and safest payment option.

  • Worked with a team of other engineers to provide a PHP SDK
  • Rewrote the Magento Extension and distributed it on Mangento Connect
  • Worked closely with merchants to solve integration issues
  • Helped the support staff solve technical tickets opened by merchants


Senior Developer • 08/2011 — 06/2014

  • Promoted to senior developer within 8 months
  • Traveled to Washington DC to act as a sales engineer for a potential client
  • Interviewed and helped screen potential applicants
  • Created Skeleton for Silex projects
  • Worked on Facebook apps for clients such as RedKap and National Guard
  • Setup GitLab to manage repositories
  • Worked with developers to create a Symfony2 distribution
  • Setup Satis to manage proprietary Composer libraries
  • Setup Jenkins for testing and beta deployments
  • Used Capistrano/Capifony to manage deployment of projects
  • Juggled coding with questions from other developers and management
  • Used Magento to build unique e-commerce site for selling guns and ammo
  • Projects were primarily in Symfony 1.4 and Symfony2
  • Worked with a team of developers to build a RESTful API based application for resume and job listings
  • Clients include National Guard, US Chamber of Commerce, State of Tennessee

ARS eCommerce

Developer • 02/2010 — 05/2011

  • Responsible for the development of an internal project used by Whirlpool
  • Worked with a team of other developers on an internal project for Procter & Gamble
  • Fixed security holes in Joomla application for Eureka
  • Completed tickets put in by myself, other developers, and system users
  • Responsible for cleaning up the ticketing system for an internal product data management application
  • Wrote unit and functional tests for internal applications
  • Clients include Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart, and Tractor Supply Co.

dSpace Labs LLC

Senior Development Director • 06/2014 — Present

My own personal business that I do contract work with. This also includes a lot of the OpenSource projects that I maintain.


Customer Scoring and marketing tool that integrates with eCommerce stores that provides some deep analytics. Clients use customer scoring rules to assign their customers a score that they can then create different segments for.

  • Application uses Symfony, Doctrine, some custom libraries and is deployed to Heroku
  • Running paid ads on various ad networks
  • Utilizes various A/B testing techniques
  • Uses some AWS infrastructure such as SQS and SES


Maintains and contributes to various OpenSource projects including:


Chattanooga State Community College

Studied Entrepreneurship • 2007 — 2010

School never agreed with me and I ended up dropping out. Why? It was too easy and I moved faster than other students. I made the Dean's List each semester as well as took a few AP classes.

  • ΦΘΚ (Phi Theta Kappa) Honors Society
  • Accounting Club
  • SIFE
  • Business Club


  • Taught myself PHP by reading the PHP manual
  • First experiences with HTML was with Geocities
  • Continue to read books & blogs about software development
  • Work on various personal and side projects to learn new technologies and development practices


PHP, Symfony, Vagrant, vim, zsh

PHP is a core competency. Vim is the editor of choice, and Symfony is the framework of choice. Development is done using Vagrant and the default shell used is zsh.


Nerdy enough have a custom gitconfig; Created a custom git-hooks command to manage various hooks I use for code quality.

Doctrine ORM 2.x, AWS, Agile Methodologies

jQuery, Javascript, CSS, HTML, SEO, MySQL, Python

Nodejs, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

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