Symfony2 Custom Form Data Mapper Revisited

In a previous post I showed the basics of how to create a symfony2 form data mapper but I never went into too much detail or gave examples. I know a lot of you are interested in this and so in this post, I will give you some more information about how and why.

Setting up Symfony2 for Testing

Setting a Symfony2 project up for testing can be tricky, however in this short guide I will show you how you are able to setup your project so you can spend more time coding and less time trying to fix issues you run into while setting up a testing environment.

Symfony2, Vagrant, and Chef

If you are like me, I hate having a lot of extra stuff on my laptop such as mysql, apache/nginx, etc. All those extra services are such a pain in the ass to maintain and other developers may have different versions of the same things. This can lead to issues during development and has the potential to cause issues with your application when in production that cannot be reproduced.

Creating a Custom Data Mapper for Symfony2 Forms

Symfony 2 has an amazing Form Component, however it is very complex and most users will have a hard time understanding the component. In the future I suspect that there will be more data mappers that you can use along with an easier way to configure these by creating a service and telling the configuration files to use your data mapper or even a different one.

Using Phing and PHPUnit with Symfony2

So recently I have been playing a lot with phing, symfony2, and Jenkins. Today I will show you how to build a very basic build script that runs phpunit. Future articles I will show you how to add to your build script to generate documentation and eventually integrate it all into Jenkins.

Vagrant, Puppet, and Symfony2 - The Three Musketeers

So I have been playing with Vagrant, Puppet, and Symfony for about the past month or so. There have been a few issues that I have run into, but it has mostly been a joy to work with.

Using the Symfony2 StreamResponse

In case you were wondering what to use the StreamedResponse for in symfony2. It’s very useful for streaming large files. Here is an example.

Symfony2 Command Testing

Symfony2 Redactor Form Type

Redactor is a very nice WYSIWYG editor. In this post I will show you how to create a redactor form type. Let’s get into the code.

Attaching Browser Information to a Symfony2 Request Object

PHP has a function to get the visitors browser information. It will return a lot of information and you can read more about it at In this example I will show you how to set this up in your symfony2 project without the need to edit your php.ini file.

Symfony2 Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Ant, and Capistrano

At iostudio we work on many different projects. One of the ways we try to make sure that our quality of code is high is to use Jenkins to make sure all of our projects will build successfully and be able to deploy.

Symfony2 Validator Component

I have been playing around with some neat ways to do things with symfony2 and the validator component. In this post I will show you one way to use the validator component in your commands. We will start with this base template.